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“He’s OUT!” are two very hard words to hear after you’ve watched your son or daughter run their little hearts out trying to beat the ball back to home plate. Sometimes though its harder and more frustrating to hear the parents in the stands, you know the kind:)  The kind that get out to the local little league fields and forget that they aren’t at Wrigley Field! Oh yeah you say, that kind! Oh and then there’s always the “Winning is Everything Coach” they’re always a joy to be stuck with for a whole good, part of your summer! These are the kind that keep stats on little kids and then decide that certain games are just too important to let little Jr.  play in, after all he just isn’t “there” yet. Where exactly is “there” for a say, nine year old or any child for that matter! Jr. here comes to play one evening and his mama promised him ice cream if he hits it out to the outfield, so guess what Jr. hits it out there every time! Then comes the next night of baseball and Jr. has been swimming ALL afternoon with his friends and you know what he just isn’t that into the game tonight, so he doesn’t hit as well as the night before…. HEY COACH, HOW’S YOUR STAT BOOK WORKING OUT FOR YA NOW??!! Hahaha!!!!!

Whatever happened to “for the love of the game”? I’m afraid to say it…but I think that concept is long gone! It seems to me that parents these days are way too worried about training the next major leaguer when first and foremost we should be teaching them how to love the game. Without that they’ve got nothin’. Don’t get me wrong here, I know not all parents are like this and one could argue that the ones that are…well at least they’re involved right? Right,you know what, I’ve had my own moments of getting wrapped up in it all! Sometimes I get so sad for the kids out on the field and what must be going on in their innocent, little heads. Picture this…you are, I don’t know say 9 years old. The kid up to bat has smacked the ball, you stop the ball while playing the field. Now, just sit there for a second and let how that child must be feeling sink in…Okay, back to the play at action…In you’re own little 9 yr old head you’re thinkin’ ok now where would the best place be to throw this ball? I gotta get the out or I’ll let my teammates and coaches down. Then all of a sudden you are brought back down to earth from the enormous amount of screaming going on in the stands and the dug out.  You get so confused…Do I listen to the parents in the stands telling me  screaming at me to “THROW THE BALL” or do I listen to my teammates who are hollering “TAG THE RUNNER” or should I do what my coaches are saying and “HOLD THE BALL” oh wait, I’m so confused…..who is saying what?!?! Talk about stressful, right?!? Imagine how much pressure these poor children are under being out there playing a game in front of all of these parents, friends, brothers, aunts, uncles… What’s even worse is when the little pitcher out on the mound hears the other parents on the other team screaming “Don’t swing at that one, geez that’s a terrible pitch. Wait for a good one” or how bout when they hear the parents from their own team yelling “Come on don’t just give it to him, make him work for it” How can these kids ever learn and get better when we are criticizing so much from the stands. Sure, that’s the way it’s going to be when they get older but that’s a looong time from now. Right now we need to make sure we are helping them build a strong foundation to stand on, one that they will be able to get back up on when they get knocked down.  Believe me, they are under enough pressure from themselves, they don’t need adults adding to it.

I’ve found that there are all kinds of parents out at the ballpark! You’ve got your “My kid’s the best” kind or “Is the season over yet” kind, the “coach knows nothing” kind or the “my kid needs to build confidence” kind. I think I fall somewhere in the middle, I’m a little bit of all of these kinds! There are times when I find myself getting frustrated with the positioning of the kids or the batting order, but I have to remind myself that I’m not the one volunteering my personal time to practice with these little munchkins and maybe just maybe they’re seeing something I’m not. I’ll go ahead and take this opportunity to thank all you, that have volunteered your time and endured endless conversations with parents telling you how it should be done! Thank you for trying your best to coach our children.

It’s hard being a parent and it’s even harder being a parent to a competitive child. How do you teach a child that winning isn’t everything, when we live in a world that screams IT IS! If anyone knows the answer to that one, please fill me in:) I’m starting to see problems with mine in particular wanting to argue with the umps. As I sit and watch this I’m thinking to myself…where is this coming from?  And then I tune into the stands (Snookums and I sit in lawn chairs away from the craziness amongst our own craziness) and I hear parents screaming at the umps “YOU NEED GLASSES” or “THATS A TERRIBLE CALL” well there ya go, how can we expect our children to act any different out there when that’s the example they are getting from the adults watching the game? I’ll admit,  I’ve been guilty of this myself. But darn it, sometimes you just plain want your baby to be called SAFE and not out:) Snookums and I have had many conversations with ours about calling out the umps. First off we don’t know what they are seeing from their vantage point. Secondly, bad call or not, the ump has the last word (him or the rule book!). You know, I think a lot of us parents are misunderstood. I do think that sometimes our excitement for them gets confused with being overbearing. But, there is a fine line we’re walking….you’re either living through your kids or for them and we’ve got to know the difference between the two because it can get confusing. If you are living through them eventually that’s gonna catch up to you. One of these days Jr. isn’t going to want to play anymore because all the fun has been sucked out of it like a hungry tick attached to your nether regions! Keep in mind, you had your chance, let your kids have theirs. As a parent I want my children to go on adventures of their own. Yes, I want to be apart of it but I have to remember it’s not my adventure anymore. I stand firm in the idea that if we don’t teach them to love the game first they’ll end up hating it.  So as summer baseball season comes to an end and we head out to watch the last of the tournaments, lets all try and keep in mind…it’s just a game, it’s suppose to be fun and when it stops being fun then that’s your sign to stop playing.

Thank you for taking time to read this! If you can relate to this or know someone who can then please SHARE IT with everyone!!!! I love hearing your thoughts so comment away! I hope you all have a truly blessed day!





***Don’t get your undies in a wad this post is about no one in particular, it’s just something that has been weighing on my heart and it’s more or less a summary of all of our experiences thus far with our kids and team sports! Good or bad we’ve learned valuable lessons and I have no hard feelings toward anyone ūüôā

***I promise I’m not trying to judge anyone and their actions… try being the operative word.

***I DO NOT agree with the whole everyone gets a trophy concept either…just to be clear:)

***Most of the parents I have had the pleasure of sharing my summers with have been great examples for our children!


For the Love of the Game…


Father’s Day, the one day every year women across America pretend that they are excited for their husbands to go golfing. Or in mine and Snookums case it would be fishing:) Oh yes, the one time in 365 days, except for maybe on their birthday, that we wives put a smile on our face and bite our tongues as our husbands joyfully pack down the car, ice chests, boats, back packs, whatever it may to be to go on an adventure of their choice. (REWIND) Wait who am I kidding, Father’s Day is no different than Mother’s Day, let’s be real and call it what it is…Kid’s go shopping and make big breakfast mess Day!¬† It is a day that, yes dad’s can do¬†something for fun that they enjoy, but feel obligated to¬†take their little munchkins along¬†for the ride.

At the beginning of this post I had a different idea for where I was going with it, but the more I typed the more my thoughts started leaning in a different direction.¬† I had planned on writing a really funny, witty, knee slapper if you will. But like in a lot of things God had a different idea for me.¬† So here goes! I hope you all enjoy my Tribute to All You Good ‘Ole Boys.¬† Father,¬†Pops, Dad, Daddy call him what you will but there is a pretty universal meaning to these words. We all know Dad to mean the leading male role model in one’s life.¬† Does this mean that a Dad has to share the same DNA with the person that calls him this? Absolutely NOT! Let’s face it, “life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get” in the father department.¬† Some¬†of us¬†were blessed with¬†our biological Father being there from day one to the last.¬† Some¬†of us¬†were blessed to be raised by a¬†man who didn’t have any part in the actual “making” of us but stepped up to the plate, so to speak, to help raise us.¬† Dads come in all shapes, colors and sizes.¬† I’ve seen Dad’s come in the form of Grandpas, Uncles, Brothers, Friends.¬† If I was a bettin’ woman I would venture out to say that we all know someone who fits in one of these categories of¬†a¬†Father.¬†¬†In my case I have had the honor of being molded by several of these examples. Hahaha! Get your minds out of the¬†gutter!! NO, not because¬†my¬†Mom was that way!¬†My parents were very young when they had me, so growing up my Grandpa and my Uncles were my Father figures.¬† As I got older (and a little more accepting) I let my Stepdad have some influence in my life.¬† After I had children, a lifelong childhood dream came true, I reconnected with my Daddy (yep, the one that helped “make” me)!¬† Then of course one of the very best examples that I have of a Dad is my very own Snookums.¬† He has showed me everything I ever dreamed of what a good Dad would be.¬† Some people might look at my situation and think, Oh that poor girl.¬† But I look at my situation and realize that had things been different I may not have turned out to be the person I am today.¬† I love ALL the Father figures in my life! I know that God had a perfect plan and for whatever reason, he needed me to have My Gangy, Uncle Grumpy, Uncle Boom, Dervin, and my Dad help me in all the different stages of my life. I sometimes think that Dad’s are the unsung heroes of the family!¬† And, yes, I realize that sometimes mommies are pulling “double duty” in the parenting department.¬† Let’s just stop right here and give a SHOUT OUT to all you Mommies out there playing both roles, for whatever reason it may be. Maybe your other half is away fighting for our Freedoms or maybe he was taken from this life to soon, maybe he¬†has to work far from home to¬†put food on the table,¬†or maybe its just because he is one of the “deadbeats” whatever it may be I want to say THANK YOU to you!! You may feel invisible, you may feel worn out, you may feel like no one cares or understands but let me be the one to tell you, YOU ARE NOT ALONE, Joshua 1:9 “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.”¬† There are so many tasks that Dad’s do that go unnoticed (or at least they think they do) but us Mommies notice them.¬† We notice and we¬†THANK YOU¬†for working hard EVERY DAY, for playing catch, for having tea parties, for “babysitting” your daughters dolly, for being the official spider killer, for coaching little league, for cooking breakfast on Saturday mornings (come on we all know that’s a Dad’s job), for changing dirty diapers when we are away (notice I said when we are AWAY) LOL, for kissing booboos and for wrestling and running amuck when our favorite television shows are on (of course we all have to drop to the floor and¬†army crawl around like we are on a raid when it’s something they want to watch) ūüôā ¬†And we thank you for the countless number of things you do that I didn’t list.¬† Dad’s You are AWESOME!!!!¬† Let’s take this time to reminisce and remember the good ‘ole days….the before I had kids days.¬† I have made a list of some of my favorite before and afters……..

Before:¬† Wife: “Hey honey will you pick up a six pack on your way home?”

Husband: “Sure babe, how bout a bottle of wine too?”

After:¬†¬†¬† Wife: “Hey honey will you pick up a six pack on your way home?”

Husband: “Sure babe, do the kids want Tangy Original or Smooth?” (Sunny D of course)

Before:¬† Picture Man hugging a beautiful red sports car “I shall call her Ruby”

After:¬†¬†¬†¬† Picture Man holding his first born “I shall call him son”

Before:  The man jammed out to Snoop Dog, Dr. Dre, and Tupac

After:¬†¬†¬†¬† Now he catches himself singing (out loud)¬†“Do you wanna build a Snowman?” at work.

Before:   The mans idea of a good wrestling match involved mud and scantily dressed woman.

After:      The mans idea of a good wrestling match is one that ends with one of the kids NOT crying in the end!

Thank you all for reading and I hope you all have had a fabulous Father’s Day so far!! If you know Dad like one of these or a double duty pulling Momma Share this! Keep watching for more!! God Bless!!!



Father’s Day: A Tribute to All You Good ‘Ole Boys