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God is Calling, Are You going to Hit the Ignore or Answer?


Tonight was life changing. I mean really! I have always heard of people saying they were moved by the Holy Spirit, that they’ve heard God talking, that they’ve seen their clear path….and I always wondered why I hadn’t. Maybe I’m not christian enough or good enough or dare I say maybe God isn’t real and that’s why he doesn’t speak to me. Of course I know that God is real, all I have to do to know that is look around. But to say that I have never doubted my faith or my worthiness would be a lie. I think on some level we all have a little doubt…

You’re telling me that there was a woman that got pregnant without doing the deed and then gave birth to a boy who just happened to be the son of an invisible wish grantor? You mean to tell me that this boy that was born in a barn, grew up to travel the land and heal the sick, blind and lame by laying his calloused carpenter hands on people? You want me to believe that a human man could live a life without sin and truly, unconditionally LOVE EVERYONE by choice? Then you expect me to accept the story that he was beaten, mocked, and hung from a cross to eventually die, only to rise from the dead on the third day after his death and walk among the living and breathing men and women who cheered his death on? And he did all of this just so they along with all of us, natural born sinners, could live a full life and not suffer the sentence of death for our sins?

YES! I’m here to tell you YES, believe just that. Believe that you are here for a purpose and you are called to do GREAT things in his name. Believe that there is life after death. Believe that the sick can be healed, the blind will see, and the lame can walk again. Believe that your dreams will come true. Believe that miracles happen. Believe that you are stronger than your addiction. Believe that you are good enough, you are worthy enough, you are smart enough, you are pretty enough, you are skinny enough, you are a good mom, you are a good dad, whatever it is YOU ARE ENOUGH! God had a plan for you before you were even a peanut in your mother’s womb. He knew you and he knew the choices you would be faced with. He has confidence in you even when you don’t. HE BELIEVES IN YOU! He LOVES you.

Tonight I attended a party for women that one of our local churches puts on a couple times a year. They call it Girlfriends. Each Girlfriends has a different theme. This year’s was based off of Pinterest. For those of you that don’t know what Pinterest is, it is a website that is used to gather ideas anywhere from cooking, decorating, diy, photography, to funny quotes and so much more. It is designed to be kind of like a virtual pin board. You see something you like, you pin it to a designated ‘board’. For us hoarders it’s just another junk drawer, “I might need that one of these days….”, and for some of us mommies, like me, it is a reminder of all the things society I think I should be doing with my kids to be a good mommy.  Sometimes it’s just another way to let doubt creep in. But for tonight, it was AH-MAZING:) God really outdid himself tonight, using the creative talents of all the people that came together to organize and prepare for this epic worship experience. They had different stations set up with examples of Pinterest inspired crafts and snacks. This however, was not what made tonight’s experience one for the record books. It wasn’t even the absolutely terrific guest speaker Charlotte Gambill (google her, after you finish reading this that is). Although, I must say I was laughing, crying and agreeing with everything she said. She was a wonderful, funny, excited, steward of God. God spoke through her tonight and that was what made tonight life changing.

He used Charlotte’s words to move me. Literally, he moved me out of my seat, into the aisle and up to the front of the church! Have you ever felt the pull during an alter call at church? You know, the need to go to the front, but you just can’t seem to make your feet move?  What if people stare at me, what if they think I’m having marital problems or money problems or problems with my kids? No one else is going up there, oh well except that lady but she’d move to the front of the line for a flu shot, every time. I’ll just secretly pray right here where no one will notice, I would hate for people to think I’m weird. Been there, done that, and all I got was a stinkin’ t-shirt! But not tonight! Tonight, as I tried to fight the pull, I mean I tried shoving it way down there, underneath all those powdered donuts I had for lunch, I felt it get stronger and stronger. God pulled at me until I was in the middle of the aisle and up front. I was so scared of what people were thinking, and then I realized something. These people didn’t know me, but God knows me. He knows the desires of my heart. He knows my deepest secrets. He knows my greatest accomplishment and my worst failure. He knows all of my sins and yet he still loves me and wants to bless me. He sent his only son to this earth to die for MY sins, so why should I be ashamed to simply walk up to the front of the church for him?

Charlotte Gambill told us tonight that we needed to move our seats. She said to move to a seat that isn’t obstructing our view, our view of what God has in store. She said to be bold and quit waiting around on the rest of the group to make a move. By the end of tonight’s worship experience I was in tears, not because I was sad or embarrassed, but because I was so over the moon happy! You see I didn’t plan on going tonight, I kept telling myself I didn’t have time, the kids have practice, the house is a mess, I need to cook supper. But the pull that I felt tonight while sitting in my chair listening to Charlotte, started earlier this afternoon and throughout the day it got stronger and stronger, God called I hit the ignore button so he called again, until finally I caved and said the heck with it, I’m going! God needed me there, because he had a plan for me. He planned on speaking to me tonight, he planned on the Holy Spirit moving me to the front, because he wanted me to have a front row seat for the show, his show!  The thing of it is, it’s not just me that he wants to give this to, oh no, he wants to give it to you to! As Charlotte said you just have to be willing to move and pay the price for the better seat. Go out and be bold, be different, be a weirdo! Just make sure you’re being one for God:)

Thank you for reading and I pray that what you read was not of my own but of God’s. Is God pulling you do something that makes you uncomfortable?

“I eagerly expect and hope that I will in no way be ashamed, but will have sufficient courage so that now as always Christ will be exalted in my body, whether by life or by death.” (Philippians 1:20)

I would love for you all to leave your comments, thoughts on this, hopes, dreams, prayer requests…

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