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I Wanna Be An Old Lady…SOA

I Wanna Be An Old Lady…SOA

Snookums and I recently hopped on the Son’s of Anarchy train or shall I say Harley. I know, I know, we are a day late and a dollar short right? That series ended this last year, but that’s the beauty of Netflix, we don’t have to wait a week or a whole off season to watch the next episode! That is also the downfall to Netflix…we are exhausted! We are frequently saying to each other “want to watch one more?” and before we know it midnight has struck. I have to say I can not believe we missed out on this series when it was actually airing…IT’S GREAT!!! Well that is if you can get past the complete disregard for human life:) While I sit and watch this I ask myself “are MC clubs really like this?” I’m sure the answer is yes, there are probably some pretty rough clubs out there. I’m also sitting there thinking how cool it would be to be Jax Teller’s old lady, in the show that is. Of course in real life if I had to choose between being Jax Teller’s old lady or Snookums old lady, I choose Snooks any day!! Your welcome honey:) I want you to remember those words when Sandra Bullock comes knocking on our door one of these days.

For years I read my Facebook friends status about SOA and I am so happy that I now know what the heck SOA stands for! Maybe I should have taken the time to Google SOA but I didn’t so I feel like this inside know has now been revealed. Oh and please don’t come find me and kill me for saying this but I kinda like Gemma Teller-Morrow. Sorry, but it looks to me like she has a mad love for her family! Keep in mind I’m only in the middle of season 4…and I will have to let time be the judge of whether or not my feelings for her stay the same. And, who wouldn’t want a bestie like Opie??

I’m learning quite a bit from this television series and I wanted to share a few of those with you. Besides, I figured all of you Samcro lovers out there are probably still mourning the series finale of this epic show and a reminder of the good ol days will be well appreciated. Your welcome:) I secretly…well I guess it’s not so much a secret now, wish I was a member of Son’s of Anarchy…pre – cartel:)


15 things I’ve learned so far from the Son’s…


1. A rat is a rat and a rat is BAD!!!

2. Old ladies are SO COOL!!!

3. Relationships based on lies will always be brought to light and the truth will be told.

4. Eye for an eye is still a strongly accepted concept in certain groups.

5. Teller-Morrow family chili recipe: optional- for spicier chili add 1 severed head.

6. Porn stars have rights too.

7. Family isn’t just blood and a brothers blood is just as easy to spill as the enemy’s under certain circumstances. 

10. Bikers wear white Nikes at least the bad a** ones do anyway:)

11. Tig is odd.

12. Clay is crazy.

13. Unser should get a patch, that man knows things….

14. Piney for President!!

15. Bobby Elvis should probably find another side job, because this whole Elvis impersonation thing is questionable.

What are some things you all have learned from watching SOA, please indulge me!!!

Thanks for reading!!





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