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Christmas should be a time of celebration, a time to give and show Christ’s love to all, just as God showed his love for us that sacred night many years ago with a baby in a manger. But too often this time of year highlights all that you don’t have. Maybe you don’t have the money for presents for your children, a tree for your children to decorate, or even food to eat for Christmas dinner. Maybe you have no family, or you are desperately missing one that was taken from you and is no longer here on earth to celebrate with you. There are so many reasons to be sad, depressed, stressed and lonely during the Christmas season, but there is only ONE true reason for hope, ONE reason that transcends all, ONE reason that conquers all, ONE reason that makes the impossible possible and that is the ONE true reason for the season, Jesus Christ, Immanuel- God with us. Because he has shown me and my family what true love is and what it looks like through the acts of others we want to show you! I am excited to bring Christmas Joy to families in need with Together, we will be picking two families, one from Oklahoma and another from the Los Angeles, California area. We want to help more families and plan on extending this blessing to more families next year!! If you need help or know of a family that does please follow the link!


Thank you for being YOU!!!






About mommamamom

I am a busy mama of six kids! I love to write when I have time between little league, practices, cleaning house, grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning..... I love my husband with all my heart. I am passionate follower of GOD!

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