As For Me and My House We Shall Serve The Breast…


Breast is best, isn’t that what they always say? Well for some people the bottle = sanity and that’s okay too! Out of six kids I breast fed two of them. Gasp….yes, only two, now before you call all the organnies out and start protesting on my front lawn, let me explain…I didn’t feel comfortable letting my first born or my second for that matter, eat off my boob and by the time I got to my third, I was on the fence about the whole matter but I didn’t want to give one child a better advantage than the other two, that wouldn’t be fair, would it? I was also under the impression that I would basically be confined to my house, being milked the whole first year of my child’s life. When our fourth child graced us with his presence, I felt like I had no other choice but to breast feed, with the economy the way it was and that thing they call inflation, and the fact that every time you turned on the news their was a recall on some brand of formula I was scared to even look at a bottle! Plus, during a play date, a friend of mine pulled out this thing called a hooter hider and nursed her baby in the middle of McDonald’s play place unbeknownst to anyone! I was intrigued, this simple act completely defused my prior thoughts of being chained up at home.


So I whipped out the ol’ milk jugs for baby #4, I was unable to nurse #5, and #6 also got the best of my breast and currently still is! Nope I am not ashamed to still be nursing my son who isn’t quite two yet, I’m actually quite proud that I had enough dedication to stick it out this long! People, the boobs are not meant to be used as ornaments. Are you setting down, because I am about to unveil the truth to you…God intended the breast to be used for…drum roll, please….a way to feed your kid!!! Don’t feel bad, I was shocked too when I learnt this. I am fully aware that there are some people out there that are completely disgusted with breast feeding. Why is this any of their business you ask? Well apparently, they feel violated when they happen to walk up on a mother nourishing her baby. This of course usually interrupts their either a. view of the woman that is standing behind the mother, wearing a tight, provocative, dangerously low cut, cleavage bearing shirt, or b. the mother is taking attention away from the woman who is flaunting her newly purchased air bags, she is thinking ‘you know I paid good money for these, and you are taking away from the awe factor I was going for!’ Guess what, breast feeding mommies have a right to enjoy the sunshine too, I’ll keep my mouth shut about your honkers if you keep yours quiet about mine:)


I recently received a nursing gown from Savi Mom Maternity and Nursing Wear and I LOVE it! Savi Mom (follow this link to their page) is an awesome place to buy maternity and nursing wear, they are fashionable, functional and affordable! I asked them if they had any advice or funny things that they had heard or seen through out their years of experience. They were once told by a mom that while she was breast feeding, very discretely, in a restaurant at her table, someone approached her and told her that is was not appropriate to do that in public and she should go to the bathroom to nurse. This mom politely told the person that if they like to eat their meals in the bathroom that was their own personal preference, but her baby preferred eating at the table. Savi Mom’s personal advice to those of you who are trying to decide whether or not breast is best for you and yours is…”Don’t let other people’s opinions of what is right or acceptable dictate what you do. Breastfeeding is the most natural and kind thing that you can do for your baby. There is never any shame in it! Don’t let anyone ever make you feel bad about nourishing your baby, no matter where you are! Be kind to yourself. Every mom feels like she is messing up on a daily basis, it’s okay…you are doing great.”


My advice to those of you trying to make this hard decision is do what you feel comfortable doing. If you choose to breast feed your child then hooray!!! You are a brave, wonderful, great mom! Do not be ashamed because another person is insecure with your security. It is absolutely none of their business. For those moms out there that choose the bottle for your feeding needs then good for you!! You are also a brave, wonderful, great mom! You knew what was best for your family and your situation and you chose wisely. Don’t let others make you feel bad for not breast feeding, it is nobody’s business but yours!


Because I know that this is a hard decision to make…from experience, I have put together a list of pros and cons for you. Maybe this will make your decision easier!

As for me and my house we shall serve the breast!



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Bottle Feeding:


Pro: It’s convenient!

Con: It’s man-made


Pro: Baby can hold a bottle

Con: frequent ear infections


Pro: more freedom

Con: frequent belly aches


Pro: People won’t ask you to feed your baby in the bathroom!

Con: Other’s might judge you because you chose not to breast feed. (we can’t win for losing can we?!)


Pro: Your husband can take a midnight feeding or 2!!

Con: Your husband is an extra ‘heavy’ sleeper and you still have to get up several times with the baby!


Breast Feeding


Pro: It’s all natural!

Con: Nobody else can feed your baby!


Pro: You lose your baby weight faster!

Con: You will probably have to wear a size bigger top because of the jugs!


Pro: one on one bonding with your baby.

Con: you can not leave your baby for more than two hours at a time.


Pro: your milk is readily available.

Con: People will judge you for your right to feed your baby anywhere you please.


Pro: You get more sleep! Trust me;)

Con: You become a human pacifier.


Pro: You get to wear cute, comfy clothes from the Savi Mom! Their clothes are functional, stylish, and affordable! Try their most popular nursing gown and you’ll be recommending it to all of your fellow nursing friends like I am!! It’s the softest thing ever!! Because I love this gown and everything else they have to offer so much I have teamed up with the girls over at Savi Mom to bring you my very first FREE GIVE AWAY!!!!

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About Errin

Am I middle aged? Maybe, but I’m young at heart and that’s what counts. I’m a pretty good wife and an okay mom, depending on the hour. I have six kids and most days I’m lost, late or watching Netflix. I’ve lived a lot of life and still have a lot to live and I give the best advice on just about anything, I’m just not good at taking it. So stick around and I guarantee you’ll learn something, feel understood and validated and learn how to laugh your ass off at all the crazy-this “best(ish)” life has to offer. Or you won’t and you’ll leave here thinking, “What a dip shit.” Only time will tell.

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  1. I’m expecting my first child this month and the thing that scares me the most (even more than the thought of labor) is breastfeeding! I plan to try!! And I have been calling a few breastfeeding friends with nonstop questions, so that I have a good idea of how to get this started… But still, it IS quite the undertaking!
    I love that you did both… It’s crazy how the breastfeeding moms tend to bash the formula-feeding moms… and vice versa. At the end of the day, we women need to stick up for each other and encourage each other! 🙂
    Thanks for sharing!

    • First off congratulations!!! I remember how excited and scared I was before my first child was born! You will do GREAT!!! As for breastfeeding, yes it is quite the undertaking, and it takes some time to get use to but if you can make it through the first 3 weeks you will be set! It is not at all glamorous, like some people make it out to be. It can actually very painful at first, but it does get so much better and easier!! I promise:) I have found being prepared with all the info is the best way to go about anything and succeed! And you are right we do all need to stick together! We need to show more of God’s love and less hate! Good luck to you and yours! I’ll say a prayer for you:)

      • Hi Errin,

        Among my posts this week related to the new year – I would love to share your post, “Son before you go, I want you to know,” which I swear is the best post I have ever read…I can’t get through the first line without crying..I’m guessing it’s partly being the fellow mom of multiple boys and I can so relate to every line your wrote! Long story short, I would love to either provide a list of my favorite links (the number one being yours) or simply repost your letter using all of your information (of course). Thanks!

        Hope you guys had a great Christmas!

      • Thank you so much! I would be honored to have you repost it or whatever you decide is best! That one is probably my favorite, it came after an “i give up” moment! Haha:) you should check out my “Dear Child” post, its another one from my heart!

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