To Get a Glimpse of Beauty…


I love the one on one moments I get to spend with my children. I don’t get them as much as I would like but when they do happen, I get so prayerfully excited for the future! I get small glimpses of my babies exquisite souls. I get to experience a little slice of heaven if you will. God allows me to get a sneak peak of the kind of adults my children are growing into.

This evening, Why For (my 10yr old) had swim practice and although, I had the two littles in tow and our time together was just a short 8 minutes or so I was allowed to see inside my sons heart. There are so many times I take this short drive to swim for granted. A lot of times I use my drive time to catch up on phone conversations or I turn the music up to my favorite song and I end up ignoring the ones that I live for. Way too many times when we are waiting for a practice to be over I am looking at my phone, mindlessly scrolling through my Facebook news feed. Any one else find yourself wishing you would have just put your phone down and became involved in the moment? I know I have, one too many times! I’m beginning to realize I am missing out on precious opportunities to get to know my children! Honestly, we need to jump on every chance they give us to have a peek inside their little minds, because before too long we are going to be sending them off on their very own adventure called life.

This evening my son shared with me about his friends. He excitedly told me that he has friends from all different cultural backgrounds. He finds this so interesting! As he was telling me about his different friends, I realized something else. All the times that I gripe and moan and groan because I am not being heard, I was wrong! Even though I feel as if no one is paying attention to a word I say, they are, in their own way, they are hearing me and they are taking what I am saying to them and applying it in their lives where they need to! Isn’t that what we want as parents? Don’t we want our children to take what we teach them and use it for their own independence?

As we were talking I said to him “It’s great that you are making so many interesting friends. It doesn’t matter who they are or where they came from because at the end of the day we were all wonderfully and..” He cut me off to finish my sentence “fearfully made by God, yeah mom I know”. Praise The Lord his ears DO work!! I learned so much from our little conversation, such as; now a days in P.E. at school they are legally not allowed to call dodge ball, “dodge” ball! It is now called “agility” ball. I asked him why and his reply was “we live in a different world now, my P.E. teacher said it was stupid that we had to change the name but we just did for legal reasons. And mom, he isn’t one of these new teachers he’s like in his late 40’s or 50’s!” So in other words he’s my age, 32! Hahaha!! Apparently “old” teachers know things:)

I was reassured today that as crazy as it gets sometimes, Snookums and I are doing our job raising that one! He is a young boy with an “old” soul and he is going to grow into an amazing man. I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for our children! Don’t let life get in the way of “seeing” your children, put down your phone and hear what wisdom they have to teach you. I promise you will not be disappointed!

Thanks for reading and I hope you were able to take something away from my writing! If you enjoyed this post, please click on the Top Mommy Blogger link to cast your vote for my blog!! Thank you all and may God bless you abundantly:)


* please don’t judge I had to use my phone during swim practice to write this post! In my defense, the littles were watching a movie and completely occupied! Hahaha:)


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I am a busy mama of six kids! I love to write when I have time between little league, practices, cleaning house, grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning..... I love my husband with all my heart. I am passionate follower of GOD!

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