Didn’t your mother ever teach you manners?!


I recently read a post on mommygolightly’s blog titled Yes, I have only one child and it’s fine, really (http://mommygolightly.wordpress.com/2014/09/22/yes-i-have-an-only-child-and-its-fine-really/). In this post she wrote about other’s opinions on why she was wrong for only having one child. This got my wheels spinning….scary I know! The world today is full of opinion whores. Yes, you read it right…opinion whore. I’ve realized that no matter where we are somebody is going to comment on our family, whether we know the person or not they are by golly gee going to tell us what they think of us and our large family. I’m beginning to think that the hospital must have slipped us a waiver with all the other papers we had to sign at some point during the delivery of our fourth bundle of joy. Seriously, I’m imagining the paper read something like this…

I _(slightly drugged and completely delirious parent)_ do here and now agree to endure and listen to ridiculous ramblings of complete strangers about the size, color, and gender of my children. I also agree to smile sweetly and politely laugh when asked if I know how i got pregnant and or if my husband was asleep during the conception of our children.

Signed…..any mom and dad with more than one child.

I have written similar posts about what random people say to me but I decided I needed to review the etiquette people should use when talking to or speaking about families with multiple children. And because it is your lucky day and our favorite college football team just scored a touchdown I am going to throw in my special edition…Today not only will you receive my expertise on What Not To Say To Families With Multiple Children but you will also receive What Not To Say To Families of Adopted Children, Especially Those of Another Race! Here is my list of comments that come out of the mouths of opinion whores…

1. How will you afford to send them through school?

What a person should say: I imagine you work very hard to support your children.

2. Are they all yours?

Ummmmm…No, they’re not, I just felt the need to torture myself while I do my monthly grocery run:)

3. You must have been asleep huh?! (this comment is always directed towards Snookums)

What a person should say: NOTHING! This is the last thing we want to hear! Just don’t!

4. Do you drive a bus?

What a person should say (If you must): You know, I bet a Suburban would be a great fit for your family, it has lots of             room.

5. Oh my gosh, I would have to have a nanny.

What a person should say: Here’s a Fifty, hire a babysitter and go out for the evening, it’s on me:)

6. What?! Are ya’ll trying for a T.V. show?

What a person should say: I imagine you could give some great tips to the public!

7. Are you Mormon or Catholic? (can Methodists not have a lot of kids?)

What a person should say: God has blessed you greatly.

8. I hope your finished.

Really?!?! Just because you said that we are going to go home right now and get to work on the 7th!!

9. Aren’t you scared you are going to lose one?

No, in my experience people usually have a fear of the unknown. I’ve already lost one at Walmart and it didn’t take long to     find the little rascal, I just had to follow the screams:)

And last but certainly not least………………….

10. Girl, don’t you know how to say no to those MEN?

WOW…..that’s all I can say…..WOW!

Now for my list of What not to say to families of adopted children, especially those of another race…..

1. You must be babysitting.

2. How’d that one happen?

3. I hope she doesn’t feel different when she realizes she doesn’t look like the rest of you.

I’m just glad she isn’t going to look like you!

4. What country is she from?

Ummmm…The United States of Shut the Heck up! hahahaha

5. Do you love her the same as yours?

Well considering she is mine…yes, yes I do!

6. I know a family that would love to adopt her, I mean since you guys have so many already.

NO!             (People really have asked us this, like more than once!)

7. Doesn’t it scare you that she might not love you when she gets older?

Not as scared as I am that I am going to have to endure this conversation with you for much longer!

8. Let me know if the birth mom has another one, I’ve always wanted to adopt a little *insert race here* baby.

I’ll be sure and let you know when we start accepting applications for the next sibling.

To sum it all up, the etiquette that should be used when speaking to large and “mismatched” families is simple….just keep your opinions to yourself, smile and walk on!

That’s it for now!! I hope you enjoyed, what I like to call my ‘humor rant’. Thank you for reading and don’t forget to SHARE my page on facebook and twitter!! If you found this read interesting or funny even in the slightest please find the Top Mommy Blogger link at the right hand side of my page or at the very bottom and click on it to vote for me! You can vote for my blog to become the top blog once a day!! Have a blessed day!




1. I’m not really as angry as I sound on some of these!

2. I really haven’t ever lost one of my kids in Walmart! I may have wanted to a time or two….

3. I was really asked if I didn’t know how to say no to men, yes as in multiple men, because obviously I get around! hahahahaha!!!!!

4. Snookums and I are finished…Having kids that is:)


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