Oh Look A Train!


Here I sit at the dentist office awaiting the news of Why For’s tooth destiny. You see last Saturday we took an adventurous excursion to the water park. “Oh How fun” you say. Well it was…until Why For comes running over showing off his half gone tooth! Yes, half gone, the kid broke his tooth the first five minutes we were there. Oh but he didn’t just break any ole tooth, oh no, he broke his FRONT tooth, and it’s permanent!!!! So now here I sit with ALL the little angels. Of course back when we were trying to pick a dentist to use for the kids, I searched high and low for a kid friendly one:) well it just so happens that the one I so cleverly picked has motorized trains continually running throughout the whole office. Again, you say “Oh how fun” well sure it is, unless of course you have six children in tow, whom apparently have never witnessed such an amazing sight! And what do you think kids do when they’re excited? Oh I’ll tell ya…they jump around, scream, holler, laugh uncontrollably, point and annoy all the patrons that are quietly awaiting their appointment time. Every time that “awesome” train rolls around Sister Sue SCREAMS “MOM LOOK!” while she is doing what looks to be some sort of tribal dance in the middle of the room. I’m sure people are looking at me like ohemgeeee woman get OFF your phone! But I don’t care, the only way I am keeping my cool right now is by typing this! And besides, I’m afraid if I wait to write about this I’ll forget the “awesomeness” of the moment. You know, kinda like child birth! Oh thank The Lord! They have called us back:) guess what this means…it means we get to go back to the waiting room with the train table! Oh joy:)
Well we’re back here…aaaannnnddd they’ve been successful at “making theirselves at home” Oh but don’t worry, in case you were wondering…the train runs back here too:) During our time back here, I’ve got a couple of them fighting over who gets what train, one that’s climbing on a chair and another that’s, oh crap getting ready to drink someone’s (not in this family) water! I can hear drills and sucker out things and EVERYONE can hear my kids and they’re so called excitement! All this excitement has got me thinking about all of my “favorite” *insert sarcastic cough here* places I have to take my kids! So for fun today I’ll make my list of places and I want to hear from you! What’s your “favorite” place to take your kid or kids? As always thank you for reading and if you enjoyed my little story for the day, please share it with your friends!! Have a blessed day!!


***I really did try and control my children in the waiting room!
***I too get a little excited seeing that train go around the room:)
***Normally my kids know how to act in public but today was just one of those days where the lights were on but nobody was home!

Top 5 List of my “favorite” places to take kids…

1. The dentist office (especially the one with the train). Not only are they completely annoying about the train, they’re usually super scared and I basically have to tie them to the dentist chair! Lol:)

2. The oil change place. Because it’s always fun to let your kids run around a small waiting area and watch them beat on the vending machine because they’re huuungrryyy.

3. The shoe store. You try fitting six kids with new shoes….I want this, I want that…blah blah blah! Add it up…that’s 12 shoes to tie!

4. The grocery store. This one doesn’t really need an explanation…does it? Hahaha

5. The court house. No, we don’t frequent that place often, hahaha! But, when we went to finalize Sister Sue’s adoption we told the boys to be very quiet in the court room or the Judge would be upset and of course Butter Bean picks this very moment to get a sudden case of the giggles, very loud giggles:)


About Errin

Am I middle aged? Maybe, but I’m young at heart and that’s what counts. I’m a pretty good wife and an okay mom, depending on the hour. I have six kids and most days I’m lost, late or watching Netflix. I’ve lived a lot of life and still have a lot to live and I give the best advice on just about anything, I’m just not good at taking it. So stick around and I guarantee you’ll learn something, feel understood and validated and learn how to laugh your ass off at all the crazy-this “best(ish)” life has to offer. Or you won’t and you’ll leave here thinking, “What a dip shit.” Only time will tell.

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  1. I just “love” taking Jack along to MY doctors appointments. Me: yes dr I just can’t seem to lose weight. I workout 5x a week yadda yadda
    Dr: have you been counting calories
    Jack: she counts candy!!!
    Thanks kid. Really. Thanks for that.

    • Too funny! One time, having on other choice, I took my 3rd along with me to my check up after having my 4th. #3 was little and he had a little video game thing so I didn’t think he was paying any attention plus the nurses were standing in front of him anyway after my exam was over and we were headed out. 3 says mama does your butt feel better? Oh good lord!

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