Being a “Real” Mom in an imperfect world…


“SCHOOLS OUT FOR SUMMER” is what my kiddos and I were singing on the last day of school back in May. Boy howdy did we have high hopes for summer back then… You know what? Summer time for a busy Mom is kinda like life after thirty. You know all those plans you had for yourself to accomplish in your twenties. It was going to be EPIC….then you hit thirty and you’re over here all like (excuse the language but…) “Where the hell did my twenties go?!?” I had high hopes for that decade…” Yeah well that’s what summertime is like for all of us “real” Mom’s. When I say “real” I mean the Mom’s who are already tired an hour after they get outta bed in the morning, Mom’s who don’t get showers daily, Mom’s who go bat crap crazy (occasionally) when the kid spills a whole bag (yes bag, We buy cheap here) of cereal ALL OVER THE FLOOR. The kind of Mom who sometimes screams for no good reason, but knows how to apologize to her family after throwing herself on the floor and trying to rip her church clothes off out of complete frustration and rage. (NO, I have not done this…but I do know someone who has….hahahaha) “Real” Mom’s make well intentioned plans that sometimes don’t pan out because life got in the way. “Real” Mom’s have hundreds of ideas to do with the kids, pinned on their pinterest page under the board titled “fun things for the kids” but probably haven’t gotten to the first one. A Mom’s famous last words “We will do that right after…..” In my case its…”We’ll do that right after baseball season is over.” Then I blink and half the summer is gone and baseball still isn’t over yet! There are days when I beat myself up because I’m not good enough or I’m not fun enough or I scream too much or I made peanut butter and jellies for the third day in a row for lunch (ok, maybe it’s been 5 days in a row) but you know what? THEY REALLY LIKE PB&J’s!! Sometimes I spend all day trying to clean the house and realize that it was a beautiful day outside and all my kids did was watch t.v.. Honestly those are the days I regret. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that I think us Mommies and Daddies too spend so much time trying to make our lives and our children’s lives perfect that we miss out on a bunch of fun stuff. We miss out on the everyday moments of their childhood that will be gone in a blink of an eye. And it’s not because we aren’t good parents, oh no, it’s because we want to be the best! But guess what? Our kids already think we are! If only we could see ourselves through their eyes for a few moments, we would be able to see the loving way they look at us, the starry eyed looks. In their eyes life begins and ends with us, they think we hung the moon. A very wise man was once asked “Who is the greatest in the kingdom of Heaven?” well, let me just share the verse with you….Matthew 18:1-4 “At that time the disciples came to Jesus and asked, “Who is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven?” He called a little child and had him stand among them. And he said: “I tell you the truth, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. Therefore, whoever humbles himself like this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.” This tells me that instead of trying to be a perfect Mom in the real world we need to be a “Real” Mom in an imperfect world and take the time to just play with our kids. So for all you Mom’s out there, let’s keep it real:) Don’t beat yourself up if you let the day get by without making that really cool homemade play dough you saw someone share on Facebook. Don’t worry if you yelled at your kid because you let the stress and emotions of the day get the best of you, just remember a hug and I’m sorry go a long way. It’s ok if your baby’s face still has a little bit of lunch on it when you go to the store. It’ll be ok if the dust on your mantle or bookshelf stays for one more day. You’re not a bad Mommy if your child didn’t make the Honor Roll this semester, there’s always the next! I guess my point for all of this rambling is summer is half way over and we haven’t done squat! Have you? If your answer is no, then I want you to know that you aren’t alone. I really believe that our kids won’t remember how many times we went to that expensive water park that one summer, but I bet they will remember having late night chats sittin out on the porch watching the lightening bugs buzz by. They’ll remember playing Candy Land, red rover, mother may I, red light green light, cigarette tag (yes, I said cigarette tag, you know, when you’re about to get tagged and you yell out a brand of cigarettes and sit down real fast so your not it!) and running through the sprinklers. Yes, our houses need cleaned and our laundry needs washed but remember to take time to humble yourself like your child and just play. You won’t regret it! I don’t want to look back on my kids childhood and wonder where it went. I want to look back on their childhood and remember the good times we had in the backyard:)
Thank you for reading and if you can relate to this please SHARE IT!!!! If you like what you read here then tell your friends about my blog! As always keep watching for more and have a truly Blessed Day!!!!



About Errin

Am I middle aged? Maybe, but I’m young at heart and that’s what counts. I’m a pretty good wife and an okay mom, depending on the hour. I have six kids and most days I’m lost, late or watching Netflix. I’ve lived a lot of life and still have a lot to live and I give the best advice on just about anything, I’m just not good at taking it. So stick around and I guarantee you’ll learn something, feel understood and validated and learn how to laugh your ass off at all the crazy-this “best(ish)” life has to offer. Or you won’t and you’ll leave here thinking, “What a dip shit.” Only time will tell.

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  1. Loved it!!! Laughed pretty hard at the crazy that tried to rip her dress off after church!!! As always, it was wonderful to read!!

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